Service & Maintenance

In providing our service, PT Kobexindo Foton Indonesia embraces the concept that the key to success is to provide quick response time and at the same time offering high quality solution to our customers.
Our Product Support Center in Lemahabang, Bekasi, West Java, comprises of workshops, warehouses, and training centers within a 35,000 sqm area. With more than USD 10 million investment, our facility features a computerized inventory & parts system, which is connected with our branches, representative offices and work sites in other areas of Indonesia.

Foton Total Care

Foton rely on the worldwide distribution network to provide users with standards products, service, accessories, training and technical support.

Foton has launched “Total Care” service gradually. With 13 self-support regional distribution center, 12 regional service training center, over 1500 overseas service networks, Foton has constantly improved its global service system to satisfy the clients require care and to provide deeper experiences for them. Foton focuses on customer needs ad experience and create comprehensive, carrying personalized and professional services for client.


All lifespan maintenance care to ensure perfect driving. A variety of value-added service brings more value to customers, showing FOTON’s sincere care. Holding symposium at a regular interval to understand customers’ demands for making continuous improvement and pursuing excellence.


Advanced test and repair devices, all-around hardware guarantee; leading service team composed of a powerful training system and professional service technicians.


Globally leading PMS, EPC, WMS, DMS and CRM information system for integrated management of 3-level parts supply and inventory (global parts center, regional parts center and service station (exclusive agency)), which ensures smooth parts channels.Orders can be reviewed online by customers.


100% authentic parts, lower cost, maintaining vehicle value; transparent parts price, labor hour cost and maintenance process; smooth channels for customers’ complains.


Focusing on customers’ satisfaction, FOTON has worked out an industry-leading service policy to provide long warranty period to customers. The service policy varies from brands, product lines and models. For details of warranty policy and compulsory warranty policy, please refer to driver’s warranty manual.


With a team composing of 30 lecturers, covering over 20 languages, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian, our training centers provide training on service management, parts logistics management and service engineering, aiming at providing every customer with a one-stop lifelong learning.

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