Auman ETX 4x2 Tractor Head

Auman ETX tractor head is continuously proving its value. Through extensive research and development, ETX tractor heads have a stable and reliable performances. ETX tractor heads have become the number one choice for logistic operations.




Mercedes-Benz technology is used to optimize match of the chassis, increasing transmission efficiency by 5% more than the traditional heavy truck and save 5 to 8% of fuel every 100km.

Stabilizer Bar & Undercarriage Protector

Stabilizer Bar : Front and Rear Stabilizer bar reduces rolling on uneven and winding road operation.
Undercarriage Protector : To prevent damage to intercooler and radiator system.

Fuel Tank & Cabin Suspension

Fuel Tank : Lockable aluminum type, Capacity – 350L
Cabin Suspension : Suspension cabin provides comfortable ride and reduces driver fatigue on long haulage

Exterior Mirror

Multiple mirrors provides all round visibility for better control of vehicle

Access Steps

Lighted for crew safety during night operation. Foldable lower step prevent damage for off-road operation.

Driver Seat & Sleeping Berth

Driver Seat : Multiple angle reclining seat with armrest coupled with suspension seat and height adjuster to suit all driving position.

Sleeping Berth : Cabin crew to able to have a comfortable rest with the Spacious sleeping berth on long haulage journey

Cabin Interior

Roomy cabin interior for better comfort on long haulage.

Foldable food tray with cup holder for cabin crew convenience.

Instrument Panel & Storage Compartment

Instrument Panel : Well layout for easy reading and control of vehicle.

Storage Compartment : Special luxury interior with interior roof mounted glove box



Auman ETX 4x2 Tractor Head





Maximum Speed (km/hr)

90(4.38) / 93(4.8) / 78(5.73)

Maximum Gradability (%)

26(4.38) / 29(4.8) / 35(5.73)

Model WD615.50
Emission Standard EURO II
Number of Cylinders 6 Cylinder Inline
Displacement (L) 9.726
Max. Output (ps) 290 @ 2,200 rpm
Max. Torque (kg.m) 1160/1100/1600
Fan Rigid


Model 9JS119T-B
Type 8 Forward Speed & 1 Reverse Speed
Gear Ratios 1st : 8.08, 2nd : 5.96 , 3rd : 4.42 , 4th : 3.36 , 5th : 2.41
6th : 1.77, 7th : 1.32 , 8th : 1
R1 : 12.66,
Gear Shift Manual Shift
– Clutch Type Single slice dry pull diaphragm spring
– Specification φ430
– Clutch Control mode Hydraulic pneumatic push type


Front suspension/
spring number
Vertical steel spring + Telescopic shock absorber + Cross-steadied Rod
Plate Spring Quantity 9
Rear suspension/
spring number
Vertical main/auxiliary steel spring + Telescopic shock absorber + Stabilizer Rod
Plate Spring Quantity 9+6
Service brake Dual circuits pneumatic drum brake
Parking brake Energy-accumulating spring air cut-off brake
Auxiliary brake Engine exhaust brake
Front Axle
– Rated Load 6.5T
– Brake Type Drum
Rear Axle
– Model Double Reduction
– Rated Load 13T
– Brake Type Drum
Steering Engine ZF8098
– External width (mm) Front 900 / Rear 780
– Stringer cross
243/286 X 80 X (8+5)
Fuel Tank (L) 350L/Aluminium Alloy
Wheelbase(mm) 3600
Tread 2005/1800
Overall Dimensions
Chassis kerb mass(kg) 7600
Designed payload(kg) 11205
GVW(Design)(kg) 18000

All specification are subject to change without prior notice.