Message From CEO


Indonesia’s recent growth in mining and infrastructure development has created a huge market for heavy equipments.

At PT Kobexindo Foton Indonesia, we strive to position ourselves strategically in this market, with our range of superior products, remarkable services, and consistent reliability as a business partner.

With our principals’ superior technologies, we provide cost-effective answers to our customers’ needs. The wide range of available products allows our experienced staff to tailor solutions.

Already, within just ten years after our humble beginnings in 2002, Kobexindo Tractors has earned a strong reputation as a partner that is oriented towards results and quality.

Our award winning after sales services are a testament to this standing.

Furthermore, during the 2008 global economic crisis, we have shown impeccable candor that is embedded in the company’s motto, “We Grow Together”. It truly pinpoints our resilience spirit to put our customers first amidst hardship.

This motto means our committment to give our very best, so that all – our customers, our principals, and Kobexindo Tractors, hand-in-hand, can grow towards success.

As Kobexindo Tractors now enters the capital market, we once again put forward our guiding principle of joining hands to serve Indonesia and the public.

Let’s grow together.

President Director
36 years of experience in Heavy Equipment Business. President Commissioner & President Director for several Mining Companies.


Building Strength & Competitiveness through Leading Products and Support


To give utmost satisfaction to our customer through our products and services. To provide equal opportunities for all employees to reach their ambitions. To generate maximum earnings per share and the best possible dividend. To form continuous partnerships based on mutual benefits for both parties.